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Guruve promotes the very best in contemporary African art, with the most extensive collection of authentic original African art and sculpture in our online gallery with full artist biographies.

Guruve are specialists and experts in contemporary stone sculpture from the Shona sculpture art movement of Zimbabwe; we also promote both world-famous and talented young artists from elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa who work in a wide range of media.

We believe in doing business the right way. We have an extremely ethical business policy. We treat artists with the respect they deserve, building long-term relationships based on friendship and trust. We have given over £26,000 in donations and gifts to individual artists and to group associations and charities. Why not challenge other dealers to see if they can PROVE they do the same?

New 2016 collection of Zimbabwean sculpture

Guruve have spent the last 3 months in Zimbabwe, spending lots of money! Our wonderful new collection of the best of contemporary Shona sculpture will be arriving in the Spring.

New sculptures will be launched on the web gallery in late March and viewings can be arranged for April.

If there is an artist whose work you are particularly keen on, email us and request a preview of new works, or send us your email address so you receive the notification email for the launch of the new gallery.

Guruve funds the new Chitungwiza Arts Centre gallery structure

guruve donations helping african artistsGuruve's donation funds the new Arts Centre gallery structure - building work complete!

Guruve sent US$3,000 in July 2015 to fund the construction of a new central gallery space at the Chitungwiza Arts Centre for up and coming young sculptors in Zimbabwe, roughly ten years after we funded the original building. See the whole project unfold in photos - work was completed in a week!

CAC sign thanks guruve for financial helpChitungwiza Arts Centre sign thanks Guruve Ltd for assistance in rebuilding the gallery structure

After sixteen years, we are still doing business the right way!

New artworks on the Guruve Gallery from private collectors

Exciting new additions to our 'collectors' gallery include:

  • Bernard Matemera - genuine works by this master sculptor of Zimbabwe's SHona art movement available from a private collector via Guruve
  • Henry Munyaradzi - new works by the most collectable and best-known of the Shona sculptors of Zimbabwe
  • Joseph Ndandarika - two museum-quality works from 1973 and
  • Malangatana Ngwenya - new works by Mozambique's best-known artist

Guruve is increasingly becoming a hub for the secondary market in
Shona sculpture by the most famous names in the art movement, so do keep checking our web gallery for new pieces being sold on behalf of private collectors or contact us if you have a piece you wish to sell.

details from three new sculptures for 2015

National recognition for Guruve's artists at NAMA yet again!

We are delighted to announce another winner of Zimbabwe's prestigious National Arts Merit Awards! After being a finalist last year, Rufaro Murenza was chosen as the winner of the 3D visual arts category of NAMA 2015.
A huge well done, Rufaro, much deserved!

Congratulations too go to old friend Clifford Zulu who was awarded best exhibition for curating 'Crossing The Bridge'.

Frank McEwen bequest now online

Images of the sculptures bequested by Frank McEwen, OBE, to the British Museum are now online. The collection includes early works by some of the most significant artists in the Shona sculpture art movement, and we're sure our collectors will find them fascinating.

Frank McEwen, OBE was the influential first curator of the National Gallery in Salisbury, Rhodesia (1957-1973). He encouraged local artists and brought their work to a worldwide audience, with ground-breaking exhibitions at Musée Rodin and the ICA amongst others. He retired in 1973, due to ill-health caused by continued resistance to his work from his white peers.

Chapungu goes into liquidation

In a very sad day for the Zimbabwean sculpture movement, the Daily News announced on 5 Nov 2012 that Chapungu, Harare's foremost gallery of Shona sculpture, has gone into liquidation.

This famous gallery, a well-known tourist destination and organiser of many prestigious international exhibitions, has been struggling financially for many years and even the return of its owner, Roy Guthrie, from the USA has not been enough to turn things around.

This leaves Harare without a single major gallery specialising in indigenous stone sculpture. The art movement needs a visionary promoter; otherwise the risk is of a terminal decline.

Read the full article here.

Guruve on Facebook

Guruve now has its own Facebook page where you can see a selection of videos and pictures of the African artists we promote. More being added all the time. Remember, if you like our site, you can express this by clicking on the Facebook 'Like' button in the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen.

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Shona stone sculpture by Zimbabwean artist Peter Gwisa: Lean On Me

Title: Lean On Me by African artist Peter Gwisa