portrait photo of artist Agnes Nyanhongo from Zimbabwe
Agnes Nyanhongo

Agnes Nyanhongo was born in Nyanga in Eastern Zimbabwe in 1960, the daughter of famous Zimbabwean sculptor Claud Nyanhongo. As a child, she helped her father working on his sculptures, and began sculpting at an early age.

Agnes began sculpting full-time in 1980. She studied for 3 years (1983-1986) at the BAT-sponsored National Workshop School in Harare, where she was considered a talented student. Her determination and self-belief, combined with delicate expression through the medium of stone, has ensured her success.

More than three decades later, Agnes has achieved international recognition and critical acclaim within the world of contemporary sculpture. She has thrived in a art movement that is dominated by men, and is the best-known female sculptor of the 'second-generation'.

Exhibitions include:

  • 2013 Joint exhibition with Moses Nyanhongo, Gallery Sur, California, USA
  • 2003 Guest Artist at 'In Praise Of Women' (touring exhibition of Zimbabwean sculpture by or inspired by women), London and Copenhagen
  • 2003 Guest Artist, Zuva Gallery, Arizona, USA
  • 1996-2003 Artist In Residence, Chapungu Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe

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