picture of artist Damian Manuhwa
Damian Manuhwa (1952-2008)

Damian Manuhwa was born in Rusape, Zimbabwe. Damian's early artistic inspiration came from his father, a talented wood carver; in 1970, on seeing the work in stone of the hugely influential artist Joram Mariga, Damian moved to Harare (then Salisbury) to join the National Gallery's Workshop School. This had been established by Frank McEwen, first Director of the National Gallery of Rhodesia, and was the focal point for Zimbabwean stone sculpture under his enthusiasm and encouragement.

Unfortunately, Damian's blossoming career withered in the 1970s due to the resignation of McEwen and the disruption caused by the civil war. As a young and unestablished artist, Damian was forced to abandon full-time sculpture - he worked as a bus driver and sculpted in the evenings. Since Independence in 1980, Manuhwa's fortunes have improved dramatically and he has established himself as a leading figure in the second generation of Zimbabwean artists.

Exhibitions include:

  • 1971 Sculpture Contemporaine des Shona d'Afrique, Musée Rodin, Paris, France
  • 1981 Retrospective Exhibition of Shona Sculpture, Zimbabwe House, London, UK
  • 1987 Solo exhibition, Africa Influence Gallery, Boston, Massacheusetts, USA

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