Zimbabwean Shona artist Garison Machinjili
Garison Machinjili

Garison was born in 1963 in Mazoe, Zimbabwe. He is related to the groundbreaking second-generation Zimbabwean sculptor, Tapfuma Gutsa, and it was during a visit to Tapfuma that he was introduced to stone sculpture.

Garison began working with Tapfuma in 1986. Initially, he sanded and polished sculptures in the final stages of completion. Later, he made his own sculptures, and found a strong personal style emerging during this inspiring early period.

In late 1987, he had established his name as an important new talent in the Zimbabwean sculpture movement, and he was invited to join the prestigious Chapungu Sculpture Village as a Resident Artist, where he remained until 1991 and returning again in 1999-2000.

Group exhibitions include:

  • 'African Odyssey: 50 Years of Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture', OXO Gallery, London, UK (2006)
  • 'Custom and Legend: A Culture In Stone', Kew Gardens, London, UK (2000)
  • Inaugural exhibition at the Chapungu Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (1998)
  • Zuva Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (1998)

Please note Garrison is a frequently used mis-spelling of his name.

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