Nzou (Elephant) 
Nicholas Mukomberanwa


On the road from Harare to Nicholas' farm in Ruwa, maybe 10km outside the capital, a large granite kopje sits a few hundred metres back from the road. Commuters pass it every day, but how many of them notice that it is also Zimbabwe's largest monumental sculpture?

Nicholas could see an elephant in its shape, even down to the hollows at the back of the skull, and the colouration from different types of lichen added to its living feel.

Nicholas camped under the rock for many months, working this tremendously hard stone. He probably broke all his chisels, but the end result is simply astonishing.

Sadly, current conditions mean that the area is seen as sensitive and there are no signs to point visitors to this landscape-scale artwork. It was created by an artist with vision and perseverance, working for personal creative satisfaction rather than financial reward, on a monumental scale much as Henry Moore's work in the UK. We were chased away by a soldier with an AK47 when we tried to visit - such dedication to African art!

Perhaps in the future, when Zimbabwe's politicians are less paranoid, this monumental work can be a tourist mecca and loved and respected by its countrymen as a national symbol of greatness. Let's hope.