Zimbabwean Shona artist Shephard Madzikatire
Shephard Madzikatire

Shephard Madzikatire was born in Rusape, Zimbabwe. As a child, he was inspired by Job Kekaba, widely regarded as one of Zimbabwe's finest wood sculptors.

In 1988, Shephard went to stay with his cousin Moses Masaya, one of Zimbabwe's finest 'Shona sculptors', who introduced him to the basics of stone carving. He spent some years working with and learning from Moses before establishing his solo reputation.

His subject matter to date remains within the mainstream of Shona sculpture. Human and animal forms and references to Shona society, culture and beliefs are a common source of inspiration. As Madzikatire himself has commented, "People socialising, being involved with the natural world and also with the spirits, which are our guardians. These are part of what I see when I look at a stone. I then have to use my talent and knowledge for them to emerge from the stone."

Madzikatire’s sculptures have been exhibited in galleries in England, Holland, Germany and Sweden as well as the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and several of Zimbabwe’s private galleries including Chapungu and Matombo.

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