Zimbabwean Shona artist Tafunga Bonjisi
Tafunga Bonjisi

Tafunga was born in 1982 in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. He always wanted to be a sculptor like his famous older brother, the late Lameck Bonjisi. Tafunga worked with Lameck as a child, learning the basic techniques. After finishing school, Tafunga began sculpting in earnest.

Despite starting out in the shadow of his more famous brother, Tafunga's work has attracted many followers since he began as an independent artist in 2000. His work is dynamic and fluid; his stylised figures have graceful forms and elegant faces. His greatest inspiration was the legendary sculptor Nicholas Mukomberanwa, who taught Lameck. These two generations of great stone sculptors have shaped his career, and he has maintained their emphasis on style and quality.

Tafunga's work has been exhibited in galleries around the world, with a solo exhibition at Spirits In Stone Gallery (Netherlands) and group exhibitions including: Gallery ZimArt (Germany); Contemporary Fine Art Gallery (UK); and Park Bench Gallery (South Africa).

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