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title: affordable art

To buy any of the artworks featured in the gallery please contact us on:
Phone +44 (0)1920 87 29 49
Mobile +44 (0)7956 89 79 78
Email email@guruve.com

Please provide us with a contact number and a full shipping address including postal/zip code to speed up delivery arrangements.

Order confirmation
Guruve is not a purely web-based company. We update our web gallery as soon as possible after a piece is sold, but we cannot guarantee a piece is available until we have confirmed your order with you.

How to pay
We accept card payment details by phone. We accept most major credit cards (not AMEX) but they will incur a 3% charge, so for UK customers debit cards are better (no additional charge). If you are outside the UK, we bill your card the pound amount but you will be billed in your local currency using an exchange rate at your card company's discretion. A 3% card charge applies to all overseas customers, reflecting the charges the banks levy on us.

We also accept payment by cheque and by bank transfer. If you want to pay using these methods, let us know when you confirm your purchase and we will provide you with our postal address or bank details as appropriate.

Postage and packing charges are not included in the prices quoted on this website. We will get separate shipping quotes for you based on the estimated crate size and you can choose the service you require. There will be a separate packaging charge for materials (at cost).

Example Shipping Experience to the United States
A sculpture with dimensions 90cm x 25cm x 40cm and weight of 40kg was sent to Augusta, GA. Air freight to the customer's door was £630 (plus insurance and local taxes on arrival).
And his opinion of the whole operation? "The sculpture arrived safe and sound. The crating was magnificent. It could have survived being dropped from a second story building. Everything was first class. The sculpture is beautiful."

Only the best
All works of art featured in the Guruve gallery are unique and of a very high standard. They are in pristine condition. Only sculptures made from the hardest Zimbabwean stones are displayed - there is no soapstone or soft serpentine. All works are signed by the artist, and are accompanied by lots of supporting information.

Each artwork is accompanied by:

  • a certificate of authenticity, with details of the piece and guaranteeing it to be a genuine work of contemporary African art
  • a biography of the artist
  • background information about the development of the relevant art movement
  • more detail about the ethical nature of Guruve, and some of the ways we have put your money to work helping young and aspiring African artists

Online photography
Guruve has taken great care to present works of art on screen as close to the actual piece as possible. However, photography rarely does justice to the detail of colour and texture. Expect the real thing to be even better than the photo!

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, and provided it is in its original condition, you are welcome to return it within 30 days of delivery and Guruve will provide a full refund of the value of the artwork. We cannot refund delivery/transport costs or any other costs incurred.

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