portrait photo of Authur Manyengedzo

Authur Manyengedzo

Authur was Artist In Residence at the ‘Shona d’Afrique IV’ sculpture exhibition in Montreal in Summer 2008.
He was also Artist in Residence for the exhibition ‘Rice Lake IX’ in Canada, where he also conducted a number of sculpting workshops.

Authur was a finalist in the Young Sculptor Awards 2006 competition organised by African Millennium Foundation.

Authur was born in 1979 in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe, into a family of four. His parents divorced when he was young, so he grew up with his mother’s family. He went to school up to ordinary level and passed five subjects. He started creating art at the age of ten, moulding clay animals and clay pots.

When he was nineteen, he started stone sculpting. Authur was inspired by Ronnie Dongo, son of renowned sculptor Joseph Ndandarika. He is related to the Ndandarika family, and is still close to Joseph’s first wife, Locardia Ndandarika. Authur worked with Ronnie for a year and then started out for himself. Later, he also worked with artists at the Chapungu Sculpture Gallery such as Ignatius Zhuwakiyi and Dino Baradza.

Authur’s work was part of a group exhibition of Zimbabwean sculpture ‘Dialogue In Stone’ held at Centre Island, Toronto in Summer 2006. His sculptures have been exhibited worldwide.

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