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title: ethical business

Donation to an Arts Centre for Young Sculptors in Zimbabwe

Guruve have worked with this Arts Centre in Zimbabwe, established primarily to help struggling young artists, for nearly two decades. Recently, the main gallery space was in need of a total re-fit, and we were asked to provide financial support for this major project.

Guruve paid for the construction of the original central gallery in 2003. By 2015, the thatch was decaying significantly and the committee decided it needed a complete rebuild. They requested our assistance, and we sent $3,000 which was estimated at roughly two-thirds of the cost of the job. Once our money arrived, activity started, and the whole project took the building team just one week to complete...

the old gallery is dismantled

The old gallery is dismantled before work can begin

gum poles are delivered

Carefully selected gum poles are delivered

the central pole is secured

The central gum pole is secured - the trickiest part of the job!

radial poles into place

Long supporting poles radiate out from the centre

smaller poles into place and thatch

The smaller poles for attaching the thatch go into place, just in time for 4,000 bundles of thatch to arrive

dressing the underside

A neat layer of thatch lines the inside - this is the bit you'll see so it has to look nice!

top layer of thatch

Now the top layers of thatch go on - complete with an acknowledgement of sponsor Guruve - thanks guys!

finished job

The finished job (from the other side) - it looks so smart!!

We've received numerous messages of thanks from members of the Arts Centre (both artists and committee members) - here are some special ones:

"Dear Guruve Ltd,
The Arts Centre Management Committee thanks you for your generous contribution which have accelerated our development and addressed a problem that had become an eyesore over for 7 years [...]
The contracted thatcher completed the job yesterday(7 August 2015), all works completed in one week.
Thank you again."

Taurai Tigere, Chairman

"Hello Guruve,
I am very much pleased wth the spirit of kindness and generosity you guys always display to our lovely undisplined Arts Centre.  I am very very happy that with all the foolishness, bad behaviour, unethical business principles, dishonesty etc you have stood your ground like a rod at the midst of a river, it can bend and it never fall. Thumbs up guys. Shine and shine high. Keep up the good work. We just need a few more people like you in the world and the world will be sweet. I wish you the best in all your endeavours."

Rickson Zavare, Arts Centre committee

"The good news [of our donation towards the project] was made known to everyone at the month end financial; yes I was one of those got touched by the donation and I think every member of the Arts Centre must treasure it."
Antony Masamba, Arts Centre member

CAC sign thanks guruve for financial helpThe Arts Centre sign thanks Guruve Ltd for our financial assistance

After nearly 20 years doing business in Africa, we are still totally committed to doing business the right way - with mutual respect and friendship. Thank you for your support.

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Sculpture by Zimbabwean artist Authur Manyengedzo

title: hidden treasures