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title: ethical business

At Guruve, we believe in doing business the right way

We promote new artists so they can carve a future for themselves and their families. Buying direct, often at the artist's asking price, our visits can generate the equivalent of months', or even a year's, salary. No surprise that we are favourite customers, with artists often keeping special pieces just for us.

guruve donations to african artistsDonating wax, paint, soap etc. to a centre for young artists in Zimbabwe

But it's about more than money. The way we do business also sets us apart. From the very beginning, we treat artists with the respect they deserve, building long-term relationships based on trust and friendship.

guruve donations helping african artistsOne of the centre's smaller thatched work shelters

Since our first trip to Zimbabwe in 2000, Guruve has brought the sculptors at a centre for aspiring young artists specialist tools, raw materials, heavy lifting equipment and enough business to fund the installation of electricity supply, and the construction (and later rebuild) of a central gallery, an office and thatched shelters. Best of all, we celebrate the end of each buying trip with a party, with food, drink, music and dancing for everyone.

guruve hosts parties for african artistsGuruve's parties were memorable!

In Bulawayo, we financed a two-day workshop for young artists in 2002, organised by the Visual Artists' Association of Bulawayo. It was so popular, we repeated the venture in subsequent years.

Every year, we return 10% of the profits made (if we make a profit!) to the individual artists as a gift. Our artists tell us we are their only promoters to do this, and we receive many messages of thanks from grateful recipients.

"We want to thank you for the support of 10% profit-sharing you are giving us, advance payment for us the prepare nice pieces on time and we also thank you for the support of tools you are giving us as the Centre. I hope if we have more other customers like you who help us as like you do, we can go miles away. Me as Treasurer [...], I would like to thank you for your support on behalf of other artists."
Onias Mupumha, Treasurer, CAC, November 2011

We donate 10% of income from sales of Gambian art to a charity providing education to disadvantaged Gambian children.

We are the good guys in African art and we can prove it. In the sixteen years we have been trading we have given more than £26,000 in donations and gifts directly to the individual artists we promote, and to group associations and charities. This section should put your mind at ease about our ethics... so challenge other dealers to see if they can PROVE they do the same.

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Sculpture by Zimbabwean artist Tago Tazvitya

Title: Scratch My Back