Cobalt Stone (Serpentine)

  • 46cm (h)
  • 33cm (w)
  • 21cm (d)


portrait photo of Willard Bopoto

Willard Bopoto


“Where the water spins, that’s where the njuzu [mermaid spirits] live.”

Willard went to Vic Falls in about 2004/5 and saw the white water rafting on the Zambezi and was inspired by the huge rapids and eddies and whirlpools. The water seems to live and breathe, and its immense power is undeniable. Shona mythology imbues a spiritual energy to all things.

The movement of the sculpture spirals inwards to the centre and downwards, like the water in a whirlpool.

Willard was a new addition to Guruve’s gallery of Zimbabwean sculptors last year, and we think his work is exceptional. This piece would make a real statement with a darkish background and clever use of a spotlight.

More photos are available on request, as it is so interesting from every angle.

This lovely pale cream, green and pink variety of serpentine stone is very unusual. The colours in the stone are entirely natural, including the black veins, enhanced by the application of a coat of clear wax.

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