Artist biography profile image for Batsirai Tazvitya from Zimbabwe

Batsirai Tazvitya

We are delighted to add Batsirai Tazvitya (‘Tago Jnr’) to Guruve’s select group of artists, as we have worked with his father Tago since 2000.

“I am best in creations inspired by the society and environment around me. I dedicate myself to my art, for the love of it, and to fulfil my father’s dreams under his guidance.”

Batsirai Tazvitya was born in 1987 in Chitungwiza, a large town near Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.

Whilst at school, as a young child, he used to sketch artworks on paper, walls or even in the sand. He was a very artistic child. Between the ages of 5 and 10, he began to carve stone under the instruction of his father, Morgan ‘Tago’ Tazvitya.

However, Batsirai says he didn’t take it seriously then. He says he tried lots of other jobs, including music recording, but failed to achieve his goals.

During the COVID19 year of 2021, Batsirai finally came to the decision to take up sculpting as a full-time career. He has been working under the tutelage of his father, and both father and son seem to be enjoying spending so much quality time together. Tago is clearly an excellent teacher and inspiration.

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