Portrait photo of Zimbabwean artist Lin Barrie

Lin Barrie

Plans to enter the world of biology were superseded by the decision to pursue an artistic career! After gaining a Fine Art Diploma at Durban Art College in 1980, Lin Barrie worked as a textile designer, travelling to Europe and the Far East. Eventually, in 1991 she returned to Zimbabwe and became a full-time fine artist.

“I feel an intimate connection with the natural world.  From field and life drawings, I create works using handmade charcoal, paint, canvas, beads, found objects and oil pastels.  I enjoy the immediacy of a treasured old palette knife inherited from my father, to create expressive strokes.”

Lin believes that the essence of a subject is grasped by direct observation. Only then can it become meaningful abstraction. Natural ecosystems and local cultures are her main inspiration. For example, the vast African skies and powerful storms; people, birds and landscapes. In particular, she has often focused on the endangered and very cute African wild dogs.

Lin Barrie lives in the southeast wilderness of Zimbabwe, surrounded by inspiring landscapes and flora and fauna. Through her work, she supports conservation organisations such as Tusk to raise funding and awareness for endangered species and community conservation.

Selected Exhibitions:

2022 Solo exhibition ‘Regeneration’, The Showroom, Harare, Zimbabwe
2022 Annual Women’s Exhibition ‘Break the Bias’, National Gallery Zimbabwe (NGZ)
2021 Group exhibition ‘Freedom’, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2020 Group exhibition ‘Love in the Time of Corona Virus’, World Health Organisation (online)
2020 Summer Exhibition, ‘Signs of the Times’, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2016 Group Exhibition ‘Totems’, NGZ, Harare, Zimbabwe

Lin Barrie’s artworks are in private collections worldwide.