portrait photo of Norbert Shamuyarira

Norbert Shamuyarira

Norbert Shamuyarira was born in Chinhoyi, northern Zimbabwe, in 1962. He lost his mother at the age of nine; his father left the family shortly after. His brother later committed suicide.

He began sculpting at the age of 17 after a chance encounter with a very famous Zimbabwean sculptor, Bernard Takawira. Norbert worked with Takawira for four years, but since 1984 he has lived and worked on his own.

Norbert’s sculptures are characterised by a respect for the shape and texture of the stone. His family history has had a profound influence on his work and the sculptures often examine human relationships and personal feelings.

Norbert is widely quoted as saying, “…up to now, I still don’t know what happiness is”, but this outdated quote seems out of keeping with the gentle and contented Norbert of today, happily married to the delightful Sarah with her wicked sense of humour.

Group sculpture exhibitions include:

  • New Hope Arts Centre, Pennsylvania, USA (2006)
  • ‘Talking Stones’, Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Eton, UK (2003 – 2005)
  • ‘Spirit in Stone: Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture’, Cleveland Natural History Museum, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (1991) – organised by Matombo Gallery, Harare

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