Young sculptor from Zimbabwe portrait Richard Deeben

Richard Deeben

Richard Deeben was born in 1998 in Chitungwiza, just south of the capital Harare, Zimbabwe.

From a very young age, he had strong passion for art: initially drawing, and later experimenting with graffiti and mixed media.

In 2015, Richard began pursuing stone carving professionally. Since then, artist Davies Sibanda has been his mentor. Davies has been hugely inspirational, influencing Richard’s orientation towards abstract art.

It’s some time since we selected an artist as young as Richard, but we were very impressed with the form and movement he already achieves. As he’s still only in his twenties, he has many years to experiment and refine his personal style.

We are always delighted to discover and nurture young talent. Richard Deeben is a great example: we feel he has huge potential and his future is bright. Certainly, exposure via Guruve’s web gallery should add extra impetus to Richard’s career growth.

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