Exciting new addition to Guruve’s gallery

15th August 2017
Lovemore Kambudzi with his painting 'Free Mandela'

Zimbabwean artist Lovemore Kambudzi, known as the ‘Eye of the People’, with his painting Free Mandela

We are delighted to announce that works by internationally acclaimed and controversial artist Lovemore Kambudzi are now available on our web gallery. Lovemore has become known as ‘the eye of the people’, as his honest and humorous paintings reveal the highs and lows of life in contemporary Zimbabwe, where the political and economic situation is an all-pervasive backdrop to his vibrant and dynamic canvases. Enjoy!

Painting Mbudzi Yadhura (Goats Are Now Expensive) by Lovemore Kambudzi
portrait photo of Zimbabwean artist Lovemore Kambudzi

Lovemore is known for his pointillist style of painting, where daubs of paint coalesce into large vibrant scenes bringing contemporary Zimbabwe to life. Lovemore has a reputation as a chronicler of the people – as a social critic through his art, he cannot help but enter a political commentary as the economic and political situation in Zimbabwe impacts every sphere of life.

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