Joyous Heart


Leopard Rock (Serpentine)

  • 125cm (h)
  • 30cm (w)
  • 20cm (d)


artist biography photo of Zimbabwean stone sculptor Antony Masamba from guruve's ethical online gallery, experts in unique Shona stone sculpture from Zimbabwe

Antony Masamba


“This person has an open heart, they are open to everyone.”

The whole form represents a person; the holes, or negative spaces, show that they are open to others, they do not hide their thoughts and emotions. When your heart is full of joy, you are not afraid to show it, to share it with those around you.

What a very lovely positive message from Antony; this sculpture would add some good energy to wherever it is displayed!

The stone is full of subtle colour and texture: bottle green is shot through with aquamarine and yellow, just fascinating to look at. With Antony’s perfect finishing, it looks like it has been glazed with glass.

The stone itself is a particular variety of ‘leopard rock’ serpentine, and it’s incredibly hard. It will be fine for outdoor display in any climate.

The piece is in the UK and will be shipped from there;
P&P at buyer’s expense.

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