Sharing Ideas


Fruit Serpentine

  • 99cm (h)
  • 52cm (w)
  • 20cm (d)


The top hole and the bottom hole are people, and the white represents them speaking to each other, the flow of conversation from one to another as they share ideas.

At the back of the sculpture, the holes are joined to show that they have reached agreement.

This is a beautiful sculpture; from every angle it curves and swoops and glides. As ever, Antony’s pristine finishing is extraordinary and this sculpture gleams as if lacquered. This is without doubt the gem of Antony’s collection, we think it is absolutely stunning.

Fruit serpentine is the local Zimbabwean name for a very colourful, slightly translucent variety of hard serpentine stone. The sparkles come from crystals of mica and iron pyrite in the stone.