Protecting My Secret


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 118cm (h)
  • 34cm (w)
  • 15cm (d)


artist biography photo of Zimbabwean stone sculptor Antony Masamba from guruve's ethical online gallery, experts in unique Shona stone sculpture from Zimbabwe

Antony Masamba


“In the past, the chiefs and kings had special secret magic powers that helped them defeat other tribes. They kept this power source a mystery, secret from others so that they couldn’t steal their power.”

The chamber of secrets is represented by the central inner space, which is surrounded and protected by the swirls of stone.

This magnificent sculpture is one of the outstanding pieces of our 2022 collection. It would make a super focal point in a garden, perhaps in a central flowerbed or at the end of a path. You could use a spotlight to highlight the strong silhouette.

Springstone is a hard variety of serpentine stone. It is dense and impermeable; therefore, it is suitable for outdoor display even in colder climates. The green lines are veins in the stone – they are entirely natural and are not cracks.