Learning The Ropes


Avocado Serpentine

  • 26cm (h)
  • 16.5cm (w)
  • 14cm (d)


artist biography photo of Zimbabwean stone sculptor Antony Masamba from guruve's ethical online gallery, experts in unique Shona stone sculpture from Zimbabwe

Antony Masamba


An abstract representation of a young bird. This is a fledgling which has just left the nest. So, it is out in the big wide world learning to fend for itself.

This is a lovely small abstract sculpture by one of the most exciting young artists working in Zimbabwe today. As an original and unique handmade sculpture, it’s very affordable and would also make a great gift.

We named this hard variety of serpentine stone ‘avocado’, after its striking pale green and yellow colouration.

This piece is in the UK and will be shipped from there;
P&P at buyer’s expense.