• 56cm (h)
  • 34cm (w)
  • 27cm (d)


“This piece is called confidence because she’s so beautiful: the knowledge of your beauty gives you an inner confidence.”

Inspired by the shape of the stone, Batsirai sketched his idea first and then sculpted it. This is a very unusual approach within Zimbabwe’s Shona sculpture movement. Almost without exception, the artists work directly onto the raw material. They sketch with charcoal on the surface and then dive right in to create the three-dimensional shape with hammer and punch.

By contrast, Batsirai has chosen to work in a way that will feel much more familiar to art school students, though he has had only informal training from his father Tago Tazvitya. Either way, what an impressive result – and from a young artist who has only been sculpting full-time since 2021!

Tago very kindly gave Batsirai this piece of raw stone. It’s a rarely used variety of serpentine that comes from a little mine near Mutare in eastern Zimbabwe, near the Mozambiquan border.

It is very hard and difficult to work, but Tago loves to hunt out unusual stones. The black speckles are part of the natural stone; the brown colour is where the raw stone had weathered slightly before the stone was selected for sculpting.

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