Ancestral Tree


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 102cm (h)
  • 66cm (w)
  • 57cm (d)


portrait photo of Charles Kowo

Charles Kowo


“When the rains fail, the people sit beneath it and the mediums ask the ancestral spirits what can they do?”

This is the muhacha tree, otherwise known as the mobola plum, which grows in the Zimbabwean bush. It gets very big and its fruit is so delicious and plentiful, so it draws people to it. As a result, it has become associated with various rituals. This type of tree is special to the Shona people, and is protected within Shona culture by certain customs – for example, people are not allowed to chop it for firewood. This ensures the trees survive for future generations.

This magnificent sculpture is one of the outstanding pieces of our 2022 collection. Charles Kowo makes a welcome return to Guruve’s gallery, and he’s on tiptop form!

This sculpture would make a super centrepiece in a flowerbed. Its sinuous flow and deceptively simple form gives it interest from every angle. We would recommend placing it in a spot where it can be walked around and appreciated from all sides. Fantastic value for money for an original sculpture of this size.

Springstone is a hard variety of serpentine stone. It is suitable for outdoor display, as it is dense and impermeable and has very few flaws that might be exacerbated by frost action. All colouration and texture within the stone is entirely natural, merely enhanced by the application of a coat of clear wax. The green and yellow lines are veins in the stone – they are entirely natural and are not cracks.