Touching Moment



  • 31cm (h)
  • 17cm (w)
  • 8cm (d)


Two birds together, their beaks touching.

Many bird species form long-lasting pair bonds. These relationships are reinforced at the start of each breeding season when the male and female perform courtship displays together.

This elegant little sculpture is simplicity itself. Ishmael has pared back the lines of his form to the minimum necessary.

It’s also great value for money, and just goes to show that you don’t need a massive budget for an original work of art. It would also make a super wedding present!

Lepidolite is a mineral of the mica group, containing lithium. This stone comes from Bikita, one of just two sources in Zimbabwe. All colouration and texture within the stone is entirely natural; indeed, Ishmael has sensibly decided to sand and wax the entire sculpture so we can enjoy the beauty of the stone itself.