Sea Waves


Avocado Serpentine

  • 24cm (h)
  • 23cm (w)
  • 9cm (d)


The movement of the sculpture reflects the rolling eddying motion of water as the sea waves surge in and suck backwards, again and again, each one over the top of the last.

This really is a lovely medium-sized sculpture, and represents superb value for money for a unique work of art. Although intricate in composition and with demanding techniques, such as the removal of much of the inner stone, the overall feeling is of clean crisp lines and simplicity.

We have promoted Ishmael since he was a teenager when we spotted talent in even his earliest work. Ishmael was one of two runners-up in the sculpture category of the prestigious National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) competition in 2008.

Ishmael has chosen to sand and wax the entirety of this sculpture so we can enjoy the wonderful colours and textures within the stone.