Modern Violet


Green Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 173.5cm (h)
  • 62cm (w)
  • 25cm (d)


portrait photo of Itayi Mupumha

Itayi Mupumha


“It reflects the dignity, nobility and self-respect [of modernity]. It holds itself strong and proud. Modern people carry themselves this way.”

So in Itayi’s imagination, a modern plant carries itself differently to the plants of long ago, reflecting a change in attitude of the people as modernity gives them pride and strength.

This is the largest sculpture by Itayi available this year and it is outstanding. Its elegant sweeping curves give it grace; economy of line keeps it feeling clean and uncluttered.

Springstone is the local name for a hard variety of serpentine stone. ‘Green springstone’ is black with a green tinge. It’s impermeable and suitable for outdoor display, although we would suggest covering the piece during exceptionally cold weather for peace of mind as some parts of the sculpture are quite thin.