Waiting And Hoping


Cobalt Stone (Serpentine)

  • 33cm (h)
  • 20cm (w)
  • 14cm (d)


“Every Zimbabwean is waiting for change and hoping for something better.”

We purchased this piece two days after the (non)coup. Everyone in Zimbabwe was on tenterhooks to see how things would work out as Mugabe was finally ‘persuaded’ to step down as President after 37 years in power. This delightful figure sits with bated breath, waiting for news and hoping for change to better times.

Jonathan’s confidence as a sculptor shines through, as you’d expect from an artist who trained with the late, great Joseph Ndandarika and is already well-respected internationally.

‘Cobalt stone’ is the local Zimbabwean name for a type of serpentine; this lovely pale green and pink variety comes from the area around the town of Guruve in northern Zimbabwe.