Counting My Blessings



  • 55cm (h)
  • 23cm (w)
  • 27cm (d)


A girl sits quietly, counting on her fingers the good things she has in her life.

Many schools of thought advise us to focus on gratitude for the things we have, as this is the source of happiness. If instead you spend your time dwelling on things you don’t have, seeds of dissatisfaction will germinate. It truly is better for your health to be a glass-half-full kind of person!

This is a very unusual work from Jonathan – it’s designed to sit on a plinth or a wall with the legs hanging freely, just as a child would sit swinging their feet. Really charming!

Lepidolite is a mineral of the mica group, containing lithium. This very unusual variety of lepidolite, from the mine in Mutoko – one of just two sources in Zimbabwe, has a fractal pattern of white quartz crystals scattered through it like stars. Lepidolite is an extremely hard mineral, and is suitable for outdoor display in all weathers. Interestingly, we also have another sculpture by Jonathan from this year’s collection in lepidolite from the other mine, in Bikita.