Spirit Of The Wind


Leopard Rock (Serpentine)

  • 54cm (h)
  • 41cm (w)
  • 24cm (d)


portrait photo of Zimbabwean artist Munyaradzi Jeche

Munyaradzi Jeche


As the ground heats up, the air starts to rise and twist into a whirlwind. The hole in the middle denotes the spirit, the essence of the whirlwind.

Like many Zimbabwean artists, Munyaradzi lives a modern urban life. However, he still has strong ties with the rural family area (kumusha). Delve into the inspiration for much of his work, and you’ll find traditional Shona customs and spiritual beliefs. Little whirlwinds and eddies in the air are seen as the movements of the spirits, who are all around us.

This lovely piece is a fantastic example of the best of contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture. Munyaradzi draws upon his rich cultural heritage, weaving his inspiration into clean and sophisticated artwork. He is one of the best of his generation, and follows in the footsteps of great Zimbabwean artists of the past, such as Nicholas Mukomberanwa to whom he is distantly related.

This stunning stone is a type of ‘leopard rock’ serpentine from northern Zimbabwe. It is very hard and impermeable, so it’s suitable for display outdoors as well as indoors.

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