Guardian Spirit


Leopard Rock (Serpentine)

  • 77cm (h)
  • 42cm (w)
  • 30cm (d)


portrait photo of Zimbabwean artist Munyaradzi Jeche

Munyaradzi Jeche


This impressive piece is a head: the big hole is an eye – it watches over the family. The family are enclosed within the stone, they are protected. The movement of the sculpture swirls around them, the restless movement of the spirits.

This would be someone senior in the family who has passed away, a grandfather or great-grandfather. The living family members may also consult this guardian spirit regarding family matters, asking it for guidance.

Like many young Zimbabwean artists, Munyaradzi lives a modern urban life. However, he still has strong ties with the rural family area (kumusha). Delve into the inspiration for much of his work, and you’ll find traditional Shona customs and spiritual beliefs.

It’s a fantastic example of the best of contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture. Munyaradzi weaves this rich cultural heritage into a fabulously sophisticated artwork that would grace any gallery.

This variety of ‘leopard rock’ serpentine, with its complex internal patterning, comes from northern Zimbabwe. It is very hard and impermeable, which makes it suitable for outdoor display, even in temperate climates.

As with all of Munyaradzi’s sculptures, this piece has been sculpted from a single piece of stone. The lines you can see are part of the internal structure of the stone – they are not cracks or lines of weakness.

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