Old Man Sitting


White Marble

  • 16cm (h)
  • 12.5cm (w)
  • 10cm (d)


A charming compact sculpture, incorporating Nesbert’s trademark face with its delicate features. Connoisseurs of his work will recognise Nesbert’s classic style straight away. The plump form of the work echoes a contented old man, but that soft appearance is belied by the hardness of the stone.

Marble is extremely hard and difficult to sculpt. It is is a very hard crystalline stone composed mainly of dolomite mineral. This is identical to the marble used by great European sculptors, but it is mined near Mount Darwin in north-eastern Zimbabwe.

White marble is the perfect material to stand out against a dark background, especially if you use a spotlight.

This variety has tiny crystals within the stone, and these facets catch the light so that it glitters like gemstones.