Domboshawa Opal Stone (Serpentine)

  • 31cm (h)
  • 38cm (w)
  • 11cm (d)


Two people (represented by the upright parts) coming and joining together (at the top). Some people just click when first they meet.

Nesbert’s minimalist style has clean elegant lines and uncluttered simplicity. It has made him one of Guruve’s most popular artists, and this lovely sculpture is a super example.

‘Domboshawa opal stone’ is the local Zimbabwean name for this off-white variety of serpentine stone. It comes from Domboshawa, just north of Harare.

It is porous and relatively soft in comparison with springstone, verdite etc., though it’s still harder than soapstone.

For this reason, we recommend it for indoor display only (where no deterioration will occur) and we only show small sculptures in this material. Which is a shame, because the colour is fabulous, especially the reddish-pink tones.

There are some tiny holes in the surface of the stone. This is entirely natural and gives it an interesting texture to touch.

This sculpture does not have a wax coating, it has been left unpolished. This is because, when waxed, this variety of stone turns a dark creamy grey colour and many artists prefer the matt white unwaxed finish.

The piece is in the UK and will be shipped from there; P&P at buyer’s expense.