Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 124cm (h)
  • 27cm (w)
  • 11cm (d)


The two stone uprights represent two people; at the top, they clasp hands in greeting. They have been apart and missed each other, and are happy to be together again.

This is the tallest piece we have from Nesbert this year. It is visually striking from every angle, with strong confident lines and distinctive silhouette. It would make a superb garden centrepiece or focal point.

Nesbert’s minimalist style, with clean elegant lines and uncluttered simplicity, makes him one of the most exciting artists working in Zimbabwe today. He is a fitting inheritor of his world-famous uncle Nicholas Mukomberanwa’s mantle as a Zimbabwean artist pushing the boundaries of what is possible in abstract stone sculpture.

Springstone is a hard variety of serpentine stone. It is suitable for outdoor display, as it is dense and impermeable and has very few flaws that might be exacerbated by frost action. All colouration and texture within the stone is entirely natural, merely enhanced by the application of a coat of clear wax. The green lines are veins in the stone – they are entirely natural and are not cracks.

[N.B. the granite slab in the photos is not included. However, we do have some circular granite slabs available for sale.]