Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 24cm (h)
  • 25cm (w)
  • 19.5cm (d)


The devoted couple lean towards each other, in a gesture of mutual bonding. The circular form suggests the nest where they will raise this year’s brood together.

There is a very satisfying symmetry and balance to this sculpture. An exceptional piece from one of Guruve’s most popular sculptors.

Nesbert has stripped the sculpture back to the bare minimum needed to capture the essence of the birds. In his typical minimalist style, each bird is shown by the point representing the head and beak; the sweep of the line suggests the shoulder and wing of each bird’s body.

We do not feel comfortable shipping this sculpture as it could suffer irreparable damage in transit, despite our high quality crating and packing. If we do ship for you, expect us to quote for a crate attached to a pallet (this hopefully would prevent the shippers rolling or dropping it in transit).

It would be highly preferable if you are able to collect in person or have us deliver (we are on the Herts/Essex border just north of London). Feel free to contact us and discuss.

For UK clients, you can also arrange a viewing by appointment.