Man And His Spirit


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 95.5cm (h)
  • 36cm (w)
  • 15cm (d)


“The right side is [his] guardian spirit, which goes wherever he does.”

The left side of the sculpture is straighter, more solid; it represents the physical living man. His guardian spirit [on the right side] has more movement, as an intangible being made of swirling energy.

Traditional Zimbabwean belief sees the spirits of the ancestors following the living, watching over them and warning them if they approach danger or take the wrong course in life. It must be nice to feel you have a personal bodyguard, even if they are invisible!

The best of contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture combines accomplished abstract creativity with intriguing storytelling. Especially so, when the inspiration for the work bridges the divide between modern urban living and traditional beliefs. A perfect example, Nesbert’s elegant creation expands our understanding of traditional Shona spiritual beliefs.

This superbly elegant and masterful work is also a very versatile size – it would be suitable for either indoor display, or outdoors in a small garden or on a patio or terrace.