Loving Birds


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 24cm (h)
  • 24cm (w)
  • 24.5cm (d)


The female bird sits on the eggs, her body outlined with a sweeping curve. She shelters in under the protection of her partner; he leans over her and they appear to be preening each other. The hemispherical shape of the bottom half of the piece represents the nest, where they will raise their family together.

So simple but powerful, the best of contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture holds its own on an international stage. Nesbert is one of Guruve’s most popular artists and his confidence as a sculptor shines through in this accomplished sculpture, with its elegant curves and simple form.

A small sculpture by Nesbert, such as this, is an original one-off work of art at a very affordable price. It is signed by the artist. In addition, we also supply a certificate of authenticity, a copy of Nesbert’s biography and a photograph of him with this very piece. Therefore, it would also make a lovely gift.

On a practical note, this sculpture has a low centre of gravity and stands beautifully.

This sculpture has very delicate parts. Therefore, in addition to our high quality crating and packing, it will need special freight services. Do contact us and discuss, if you will need it shipped to you.