Deeply In Love


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 54cm (h)
  • 16cm (w)
  • 16cm (d)


Many bird species form long term partnerships for raising their young, and couples may stay together for many years.

Peter has kept things very simple here, to great effect. The sculpture is defined by its clean, elegant lines.

He achieves the brushed effect of the feathers by stroking the stone with a blunt rasp. It’s super example of Peter’s work, executed with his customary attention to detail and perfect finishing.

It is very easy to light sculptures with this matt white surface, so with clever use of a spotlight against a dark background you can really make a dramatic statement even with a smaller piece such as this.

Springstone is the local name for a very hard variety of serpentine stone. It is suitable for outdoor display, as it is dense and impermeable and has very few flaws that might be exacerbated by frost action.