Feeling Happy With My Mum


Lemon Opal Stone (Serpentine)

  • 38cm (h)
  • 17cm (w)
  • 18cm (d)


The young bird watches its mother with affection, and she gazes down adoringly. Under her protection, the chick is happy and relaxed and growing well.

Peter has chosen to polish the whole sculpture so we may enjoy the beautiful colour and texture within the stone.

‘Lemon opal’ stone is the local Zimbabwean name for a bright green variety of serpentine stone. It is of a similar hardness to springstone. Sadly, it does NOT contain opal gemstones – beware of other websites whose ignorance leads them to suggest that it does, or that it is semi-precious. It’s nice stone, but not that nice!

It’s not a common stone any more, as the mine is nearly finished, but Peter is friends with the owner so he manages to get his hands on a few pieces – which is great because it’s such a lovely material.