Memories Of Love


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 30cm (h)
  • 18cm (w)
  • 9cm (d)


The black shiny areas have been sanded, waxed and polished. Peter then achieves the feathered effect by stroking the surface of the sculpture with a blunt rasp. This abrasion lightens the surface of the stone, giving a great contrast of colour and texture, combined with Peter’s customary precise definition and attention to detail.

It is very easy to light sculptures with this matt white surface, so with clever use of a spotlight against a dark background you can really make a dramatic statement even with a small piece such as this.

This elegant little bird sculpture is tremendous value for a unique work of art, and a fine example of our belief that we should provide art of the highest quality for all budgets.

Springstone is the local name for a hard type of serpentine stone. It has a very even internal structure of small grains of rock; it is dense and has very few flaws, and is perfect for Peter’s precise work.