Preening My Feathers


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 131.5cm (h)
  • 29cm (w)
  • 19cm (d)


portrait photo of Peter Chidzonga

Peter Chidzonga


The stork bends its long elegant neck to preen its neck.

In an interesting departure from his usual precise style, Peter has created a more abstract bird form. Gone are the sharp contrasting textures and beady eyes; instead, we have simplicity. Somehow, it feels more grown up – we can all see it’s a bird but Peter abandons the need to spell it out with detail.

Springstone is a hard variety of serpentine stone. It is dense and impermeable and has very few flaws that might be exacerbated by frost action. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoor display even in colder climates.

This variety, with a speckling of paler stone crystals, comes from the Impinge pass through the Great Dyke in northern Zimbabwe. It doesn’t shine to quite such a high gloss as other types of springstone.