Perfect Beauty


White Marble

  • 38cm (h)
  • 20.5cm (w)
  • 20cm (d)


portrait photo of Rufaro Murenza

Rufaro Murenza


This striking lady’s head in glittering marble certainly has the ‘wow factor’! The bright white marble has a kind of unsullied immaculate purity that makes it tremendously appealing. Clearly, it also inspired Rufaro’s choice of title.

Here at Guruve, we believe very strongly that our small sculptures should be of equal quality to the larger works. Buyers with smaller spaces or limited budgets shouldn’t have to compromise on quality. This lovely sculpture in beautiful stone fits this philosophy perfectly.

We think it’s fantastic value, and would also make a great gift.

White marble is a very hard crystalline stone composed mainly of dolomite mineral. As the light catches the crystal facets in the stone, it sparkles. So you can great contrast by displaying this sculpture in good light against a dark background.

The dark brown on the back is the weathered surface of the original raw stone before it was worked. It’s common in Zimbabwean sculpture for artists to leave some of this original surface and texture. It creates an interesting contrast with the smooth sculpted stone, and reminds the viewer where the stone has come from.