Rasta Woman


Lemon Opal Stone (Serpentine)

  • 27.5 (h)
  • 19 (w)
  • 11 (d)


portrait photo of Richard Mteki

Richard Mteki


This lovely colourful sculpture is a perfect example of Richard Mteki’s classic style. A really delightful smaller artwork that would make a super entry point for a Shona sculpture collection.

Richard Mteki is one of the most prominent names in Zimbabwean sculpture. His work has been featured in innumerable local and international joint and solo exhibitions, and he has represented Zimbabwe through commissions for state buildings and as gifts for foreign dignitaries. His simple, graceful and economical style is instantly recognisable and very collectable.

Lemon Opal Stone is the local Zimbabwean name for a translucent pale green serpentine stone. It is of a similar hardness to springstone (i.e. a lot harder than what is known as common opal stone, which scratches easily like soapstone). It does NOT contain opals – beware of other sites whose ignorance leads them to suggest that it does, or that it is semi-precious. It’s nice stone, but not that nice!

Please note there is a small scratch on the back – otherwise it is in excellent condition.

This piece is being advertised for sale on behalf of its current owner, who purchased it from Guruve in 2011.

This sculpture is in the UK and will be shipped from there; packing and freight and any associated import duty at buyer’s expense. Please contact us for a shipping estimate, quoting the delivery address with post code, if you are considering purchase.