Proud Of My Hair


White Marble

  • 26.5cm (h)
  • 18cm (w)
  • 9.5cm (d)


“Young ladies take great care in creating elaborate hairdos.”

The detailed hairstyle has been created using a grinder.

Dolomite rock is a very hard crystalline stone composed mainly of dolomite mineral. This is identical to the marble used by great European sculptors, but is mined in Zimbabwe.

Dolomite marble, with its glistening whiteness, is the perfect material to stand out against a dark background, especially if you use a spotlight.

This variety has chunky crystals within the stone, and these facets catch the light so it glitters like gemstones. It is extremely hard and difficult to sculpt.

The hint of yellow veining within the stone is entirely natural. Due to its chemical make-up, marble can deteriorate outdoors (taking on a slightly yellow colour) so we do not recommend this piece for outdoor display. Given it’s small size, it’s much better suited to indoor display anyway!