Looking After The Little One



  • 20cm (h)
  • 17cm (w)
  • 18cm (d)


“When you have to go somewhere, you can leave your child with its aunt, and collect it when you return.”

The piece is about the importance of the extended family in Zimbabwean society, it’s part of helping each other.

As a senior man, Sylvester is a living repository of Shona values, and his sculptures are usually inspired by Shona customs or beliefs.

This is stunning little investment piece by Zimbabwe’s greatest living sculptor. Sylvester represented Zimbabwe at the 2017 Venice Biennale.

Verdite is a very hard and expensive semi-precious stone that is much prized by Zimbabwean sculptors for its beautiful deep green colour. The internal texture of the stone is an absorbing marbling of colours, including hints of purple corundum.