Passionate Focus


Red Jasper

  • 92cm (h)
  • 56cm (w)
  • 30cm (d)


Biography portrait photo of Zimbabwean sculptor artist Tendai Gwaravaza

Tendai Gwaravaza


“In life, we have things that we enjoy doing; if we focus and do them with passion then, despite the challenges that come, our lives will be amazingly beautiful!”

There is a subtle energy and movement to the form that suggests the passion and enthusiasm Tendai feels for sculpting. The central hole, that draws the eye into and through the piece, encourages the focus and concentration necessary to achieve your goals.

Tendai joins Guruve’s selected artists this year. We were so impressed with the simplicity of his organic forms, which he marries with bold choices of raw materials. This fantastic piece of semi-precious red jasper is a perfect example – it really has the WOW factor and would make a great statement centrepiece.

Such a gorgeous piece of stone, with fascinating internal colour and structure that is enhanced by the application of a coat of clear wax. It is very hard and impermeable, so it’s suitable for display outdoors in any climate. Though it looks full of strata, like slate, the stone is solid and strong.

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