Endless Love



  • 41cm (h)
  • 34cm (w)
  • 22cm (d)


portrait photo of Tafadzwa Tandi

Tafadzwa Tandi


The two halves (representing two lovers) are interlocked, representing the strength of their co-dependence. They are bonded together so that they are inseparable, they can’t be pulled apart.

Opaque pearlescent outer layers, dusted with hints of lilac and blue, collapse into the perfection of the ice white crystals of the heart of the agate. The structure and colouration of the stone is fascinating and absorbing. Wisely, Tafadzwa has kept the form of his sculpture simple and uncluttered. This allows the viewer to enjoy the stone as much as the sculpture, the two working together in harmony.

Tafadzwa has left some of the area at the base of the sculpture unworked, hence the rough texture and darker colour. These contrast with, and therefore highlight, the smooth pale beauty of the sculpted surfaces. In addition, it reminds the viewer of the raw stone and how the sculptor has revealed the sculpture within.

Agate is a very unusual medium for a Zimbabwean sculptor. It’s extremely hard and needs electric tools, as it can’t be done by hand. This means it is difficult and expensive to sculpt, but the end result is extraordinary. The stone has some natural holes and lines, but they are typical of agate and do not affect its structural strength.

Guruve is delighted to introduce Tafadzwa Tandi as an artist this year. We have worked with him for some time now, through our ‘sister’ gallery Shona Sculpture Gallery in Harare. Now it’s time to bring his fantastic work to the UK.