Waiting To Bloom


Avocado Serpentine

  • 40.5cm (h)
  • 25cm (w)
  • 14cm (d)


The green colour represents life, the inner vivacity of this young woman with so much life ahead of her. She holds herself with her head to one side; this shows that she is humbled by the challenges of her current situation. Still, she is full of potential for the future, she’s just waiting for the right conditions for her true personality to come out and shine.

Tutani said he was trying to express the idea that every young lady has a seed inside her, waiting to germinate. A girl is a flower about to blossom, she has so much potential. She could be so much more than she is, if the conditions were right.

Her hair has been smoothed with a rasp and then the braids picked out with a grinder. The rest of the sculpture has been sanded and waxed to bring out the depth of colour.

Unsurprisingly, this hard variety of serpentine stone has been named ‘avocado’ after its striking green and yellow colouration.

The piece is in the UK and will be shipped from there; P&P at buyer’s expense.