Stand By Me


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 89.5cm (h)
  • 62cm (w)
  • 19.5cm (d)


portrait photo of Tutani Mgabazi

Tutani Mgabazi


Love is a good thing, but a lifelong relationship will always pass through difficult phases, with trials and temptations. A strong couple rides these ups and downs, and sticks together.

He is saying to her, “We have come a long way together and this is where we are. All I ask is that you stand by me.”

This striking sculpture is one of the highlights of this year’s collection. It is substantial, with a strong silhouette creating visual impact even from a distance. The delicate details of their faces, and the contrasting textures and subtle colours of the stone itself, work together to make this an intriguing piece close up too.

Springstone is the local name for a hard variety of serpentine stone. It has an even internal structure of tiny grains, densely and evenly packed together. As a result, it is impermeable, with very few flaws that might be exacerbated by frost action. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoor display even in temperate climates. The lovely green veins are entirely natural, they are not cracks or lines of weakness.