Shared History


Flower Serpentine

  • 35cm (h)
  • 22cm (w)
  • 15cm (d)


portrait photo of Tonderai Sowa

Tonderai describes this piece ‘Shared History’ as representing:

“Two people who are bonded together by a shared past; they have known each other for many years, since childhood. Their lives are interconnected and tied together by all their shared memories and experiences.”

Tonderai was a new artist for Guruve a few years ago, and his work has been a massive hit. It is almost inconceivable that such delicate and intricate work could be done by hand.

As with all Tonderai’s sculptures, this piece was carved by hand from a single piece of raw stone.

This beautiful stone is a rediscovered variety of serpentine. All the beautiful colouration within the stone is entirely natural; the artist has applied clear wax to reveal the depth of colour within.