Sisters Together


Springstone (Serpentine)

  • 87cm (h)
  • 33cm (w)
  • 36cm (d)


Shona artist Tonderai Sowa with one of his abstract sculptures

“They are getting married on the same day. They are celebrating together, sharing the reception.”

The two sisters grew up together, and shared their childhood experiences. So it seems only natural they should want to celebrate their weddings on the same day.

The upper curve is one sister, the lower loop is her younger sibling. They are very similar, showing they are sisters. The strong upward motion within the sculpture expresses the joy of the day, surrounded by family and friends.

At just under a metre tall, this elegant fluid sculpture is a very versatile height. For instance, raising it up on a tall thin plinth in a flowerbed would increase visual impact in a garden. Equally, it could be placed on a small cube onto a patio or floor and not be overwhelming.

Springstone is the local name for a hard type of serpentine stone. It has a dense, even internal structure of small grains of rock with very few flaws, and is the perfect medium for Tonderai’s technically challenging style. It is suitable for outdoor display.